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Delinquent tax refers to a tax that is unpaid after the payment due date. 1/13/17 7. Assessor, Auditor-Controller, Treasurer and Tax Collector, and Assessment Appeals Board have prepared this property tax information site to provide taxpayers with an overview and some specific detail about the property tax process in Los Angeles County. The division's duties include the collection of delinquent taxes and working with property owners, account holders, tax lien purchasers, and other interested parties with tax related issues. When buying real estate property, you should not assume that property taxes will remain the same. The over-65 exemption is for property owners who are 65 years of age or older and claim their residence as their homestead. Homestead Deduction and Senior Citizen or Disabled Property Owner Tax Relief: If a properly completed and approved application is filed from October 1 to March 31, the property will receive the Homestead benefit for the entire tax year (and for all tax years in the future). Property taxes may be affected with change in ownership. Property Tax; Reports; Room Tax; Stamp Duty & Transfer Tax; Tax Agreements; Tax Bulletins; Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC) Taxpayer Registration Number; Withholding Tax on Specified Services; Zero Rating; Forms Asset Tax; Betting Gaming and Lotteries; Client Information; Contractor's Levy; Customer Contact; Declaration of Assets; Direct Homestead applications must be filed with your county tax commissioner or county board of tax assessors by the same date that property tax returns are due for property that was acquired before January 1. If you sell assets like vehicles, stocks, bonds, collectibles, jewelry, precious metals, or real estate at a gain, you’ll likely pay a capital gains tax on some of the proceeds. If a properly completed and approved application is filedYes, besides sales tax, excise tax, property tax, income tax, and payroll taxes, individuals who buy and sell personal and investment assets must also contend with the capital gains tax system. The homestead exemption cannot exceed the total value of your homestead; if the total value of your homestead is $14,000; your homestead exemption cannot exceed $14,000. Whenever there is a change in ownership, the assessed value of the property may reset to full market value, which could result in higher property taxes. November 12, 2019: 2019 Harris County Property Tax Statements are in the Mail: October 31, 2019: Harris County Tax Office Election Day Call Center Has Over 190 Trained Employees Ready to Help. Welcome. Delinquent Taxes. LGS-Homestead Application for Homestead Exemption Informational Bulletin Homestead Exemption Immigrant Status - Verification via SAVE SystemEffective for tax year 2019, persons with a residence homestead are entitled to a $5,000 exemption of the assessed valuation of their home

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