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EDIUS Pro 9 is the perfect choice for any video enthusiast, journalist, editor Thanks! It's really motivating to know that people like you are benefiting from what I'm doing and want more of it. format you want to export, you should select the “enable conversion” check box. No one else has any busi. , and then register the sources and edited data used when creating the storyboards to the bin of EDIUS, etc. We use Edius in workflows that are all Grass Valley based (and there are many, their switchers are all over local TV, all over the world) when we need to push files to Grass Valley Video Servers. In addition, you can export the contents edited with EDIUS to a file, register it to Mync, and upload it to video-sharing websites such as YouTube. EDIUS will be available as EDIUS Pro 9 and EDIUS Workgroup 9. Multicam editing is now expanded to16 cameras, with a choice of several multi-viewer screen layouts. 265 file export, 8K and High Frame Rate support, and more to come. Key features of EDIUS …19/10/2017 · This will include new tools and features – as desired by the EDIUS community – like an automated audio syncing of multiple tracks, H. :)Edius wedding song project tutorial part 4. You can export storyboards from Mync to XML files, import them to EDIUS, etc. By using the interaction function between Mync and EDIUS, sources can be managed and edited in a seamless connection. Add to this keyframable 20/06/2017 · No. to be sure that you are exporting the entire timeline, uncheck the corresponding check box • press “export” • …EDIUS Workgroup 9 means more formats and more resolutions in real time for the ability to Edit Anything, Anywhere, whether as a standalone user in the field or within network connected production infrastructures. No, no, no, also - no. The world of professional video editing software is dominated by a few major names, and EDIUS Pro is a simple alternative to the industry leaders. Mync is intelligent: After attaching an usb-drive or memory-card to your PC all supported formats will automatically be detected and shown within the bin-window. EDIUS 6 also boasts video masking, and combined with the new track matte keyer can enable easy key & fill operation on the timeline. then select from one of the formats in the preset list • By default, eDiUS exports between the in and out points. EDIUS Workgroup 9 is the perfect finishing tool for broadcast news, news magazine content and studio programs, as well as organizational, documentary and 4K and HDR theatrical EDIUS 6 also extends its editing functionality towards post-production applications. Mync can also export stills and put clips online by uploading them to channels like YouTube and Vimeo or FTP-servers

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